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One of the most frequent questions we’re often asked, particularly from independent new professional tour guides, is how do I get more people sign up to join my tours? You know you are good at what you do and are passionate and dedicated to your craft. You know that you have lots of information to share and can’t wait to give your customers an unforgettable travel experience. So what’s the next step, how can I get a lot more people to find me in this day and age?

Here are 3 ways to double your tour guide bookings for free:

1. Develop great and engaging content

Whether you have more than one guide profile with TAG or with one of our competitors, it’s crucial to have compelling and engaging content. This means your guide profile should include the following:

  • a photo and perhaps a brief video about yourself because you want to reassure your potential customer that you’re a live person, they can see your personality and if you’re someone he/she can get along with, to name a few.
  • detailed descriptions of the tours you offer so your potential customer can determine if the tour captures his/her interests and gauge the level of activity needed (lots of walking vs. riding a small vehicle) – can you provide video or photo example?
  • Provide highlights of each tour offering’s destination – ditto video or photo
  • Demonstrate the tour quality of the experience through photos and/or videos (can you add a video clip here?)
  • Indicate if vehicle transportation is included
  • Indicate what else is or isn’t included in the price of the tour (example: entrance tickets to museums)

The reasons why we’re emphatic and we’re giving so much attention to your guide profile are two-fold: 1. Generate interest in yourself as a professional guide plus the tour offerings you provide; and 2. You want your potential customer to pique their interest and contact you.

Another awesome idea to add to your guide profile is to consider increasing the variety of your offerings so you can cover a lot of ground. For instance, you could consider a basic tour that’s half a day and just shows a city’s highlights and you can complement that with a longer day tour which covers more destinations such as a museum and evening market. You may even include specialized ones such as street food tour and an architectural tour.

The tours that you offer should preferably be more than one, of course, but not more than 10 so as not to stretch yourself too thin and overwhelm your potential customer with choices. Make it easy for them to understand, navigate your profile page, and contact you.

Lastly, be consistent with your travel profile especially when you’re working with more than one provider so as to increase your visibility/presence online and more potential customers can find you.

2. Feedback is very important, testimonials especially

Customers trust and value other customers’ input and will more than likely take that leap of faith and initiate contact with you. We see this time and time again online, from movie reviews to product reviews on Amazon. It’s the enhanced word of mouth kind of thing. Also, post-tour feedback from travel host sites is equally important because this allows you to find ways to improve the quality of the tour itself and personally as the guide who conducted the tour. At TAG, we proactively provide feedback to our guides because we believe in the product(s) they’ve developed, both the tours themselves and the guides who created and run them. At the same time, we want our customers to be happy and have a lot of fun in the process.

3. Respond promptly to customer inquiries

Initial response time is crucial because your potential customer already has made the effort to contact you and he/she has provided a way to contact him/her (via phone call, email, instant messaging apps, and the like). On the flip side, when you’re in the middle of conducting a tour, avoid looking at and/or answering your cell phone, so as not to diminish the quality and the travel experience you’re trying to create. So respond to your potential customer as soon as you’re able, preferably within the day at the most. Moreover, this is another way that you can demonstrate your professionalism to your potential customers because you value their time and effort and they do yours.


Wrapping up, doubling your bookings is vital especially for yourself as the tour guide and perhaps as a new professional guide at that.While all 3 tips are equally important, if there’s one takeaway, developing your guide profile should be number one. Follow all three and you’ll be getting more bookings in no time at all! (TAG) is THE Tour Concierge giving consumers a place to connect and book Live Tour Guide easily and seamlessly without the need to consult an actual hotel concierge, thereby saving time and money. TAG saves tour guides Time, gives them Faster Payments and a Simple interactive way to engage with travelers. TAG offers tour providers an online platform listing tours that are available in one place that makes it easy for them to get bookings with faster payments AND without needing a referral from hotel concierge or using a distribution platform. For more information, click here.

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