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There are many different types of travel guides these days. Many of them are free-wheeling and self-promoting individuals who are very proficient in a specific area. They usually bring small and intimate groups to see the places that only locals would know about. Some travelers who usually like to go around and discover things on their own have found that the services of a private tour guide can be the best way to enjoy their time in a particular place, especially when time is limited and they don’t exactly know their way around.

By hiring a private tour guide you open doors to a new travel experience that might actually help you evolve your travel style. You will also find that your exposure in a specific place becomes deeper and more meaningful because you had your very own tour guide to explore with you.

Why should you hire a private tour guide?

There are a vast number of benefits to hiring a private tour guide. We’ve listed 10 most compelling reasons here:

1. Support the local community.

Private tour guides that offer local experiences are usually local businesses. By hiring them your travel spend impacts directly into the local community. You end up supporting the local economy by choosing a local tour because you contribute to helping them preserve the sights for future visitors. Support the local tour guides and help bring them back to the forefront of the tour industry.

2. Discover places that are off the beaten path.

It can be quite thrilling to uncover a new place that is a bit unusual and out of the way. Searching beyond what is obvious and discovering places that aren’t on the usual tourist routes gives you a deeper, personal and unique travel experience because this allows you to see what the locals see.

3. Flexibility to tailor your tour.

Hiring a private tour guide can give you a specialized experience with a personal touch, without the crowds. Sites and attractions are planned based on what you want to see and how long you wish to stay in a specific location, doing what the locals do. At the same time, the guide can get a good sense of your personality and can recommend making an unplanned stop to address those interests and make your trip more memorable.

4. Get to know the local food culture.

Food is central to most cultures. When you take a tour with a private tour guide, you discover the importance of ingredients and dishes to the local people. You will visit local cafes and restaurants, avoiding the usual tourist traps. You eat what the locals eat. This way you get to appreciate the destination and support the local community at the same time.

5. Discover about history and background from your private tour guide.

Your guide will have a lot of great stories and history to impart to you, and a lot more insider information that you wouldn’t have learned if you toured the place yourself. All these iconic sites are beautiful on its own, but your attraction only grows when you learn more about its background.

6. Learn extraordinary details and stories about a destination.

By bringing to life the stories and details of the places you visit, you are able to imagine yourself being right there during historic times. This way you can easily cement this “experience” in your memory making it more meaningful and exciting.

7. Views from another angle.

Private tours allow you to see the sites from a variety of options, and not just the usual drive-by while sitting in a bus. There are more options to explore a destination when traveling with a private tour guide. In areas where buses can’t get to, your private guide can easily arrange for bikes, boats and even top-down cars to see the sites up-close.

8. Find out about local art and artists.

You can discover a city’s street scene and the different galleries through an art tour. With a private tour guide, you can spend all the time you need appreciating paintings and murals, which all usually come to life when you are given a more in-depth understanding of its background. Immersing yourself with the work, techniques used and personal histories of the artists as narrated to you by your personal guide add meaning and substance to your trip.

9. Acquire a fresh perspective from your private tour guide.

It requires a certain amount of passion and confidence to be a tour guide. Tour guides are often highly talented and interesting people, and you will rarely come across one that doesn’t add his own deep insight and a sense of fun into their tours.

10. Connecting with other travelers.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, a private tour is an excellent way to meet and connect with other people. Food and hiking tours usually offer a great opportunity to sit and chat over a sumptuous meal and wine. There is just something about sharing a meal that connects people, and doing so with an intimate group increases your chances of establishing more lasting friendships.

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